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On 17 July 2015, Dr. Gary Gabriels, of the University of Cape Town, rocked the nutritional supplement industry with his publication on the Nutrition Journal. This study showed that an alarmingly high number of nutritional supplement products contained the ingredient melamine (undeclared on the product label). Of the overall products acquired 47 % tested positive for melamine.

“Melamine has been implicated in the kidney failure and death of several cats, dogs and pigs. In China in 2008, reports described very severe health effects in infants and young children. At the time over 294 000 infants were screened and diagnosed with urinary tract stones and sand-like calculi associated with melamine in milk products, of which 50 000 infants were hospitalised, and at least six associated deaths, recorded. The extent that melamine contamination occurs in nutritional supplements is not known.”
* Extract from Dr. Gary Gabriels study: ‘Melamine contamination in nutritional supplements – Is it an alarm bell for the general consumer, athletes, and ‘Weekend Warriors’?’

Read more on Dr. Gary Gabriels’ study here.


In response to the study published, the research team at NUTRITECH immediately went about a course of action to put our customer’s minds at ease. Random samples of finished and raw product were sent for testing to an independent laboratory. The results were received on 12 August 2015, all testing negative for melamine.
These test results have been made available to our customers, stores and interested parties Lab Tests page here.

Download NUTRITECH Melamine Screening Results here.

At NUTRITECH, we will continue to manufacture quality products that do not contain harmful or banned substances, and at all times provide transparency in product testing.