Fresh off the set of the latest NUTRITECH® pre-workout, NUKE® ORIGINAL, we track down and spend some time with the man behind the LEAVE YOUR MARK video.

NT HQ: Thanks for making the time in your busy schedule Enoch, can you tell us a little more about the man behind the on screen portrayal? What does your journey look like?

Enoch: Thanks for having me guys; my name is Enoch Mseleni and I was born in Mxhelo location in Alice.

Fitness became a strong drive in my life from a young age, I participated in various sporting codes throughout primary and high school, I always was inspired by sports professionals and dreamed of one day becoming an athletic figure myself.

In 2009 I joined the South African Navy, fitness is a major part of the armed forces, further fuelling my focus on the fitness industry. In the South African Navy we focus on functional training which incorporates all aspects of strength, endurance and speed.

Enoch: In 2015 I entered the South African Men’s Health Cover Guy search and was selected as part of the top 12. Featuring in the magazine opened a lot of doors for me in the fitness industry, I got signed by a modelling agency in Cape Town and became a brand ambassador for a couple of brands and in 2016 I partnered with one of South Africa’s leading supplements brands, NUTRITECH®.

Coming from a less than ideal background, my own personal dreams were mostly fuelled by motivational stories so I decided to utilize my personal social media platforms to inspire and motivate people to win at life.

I see health and fitness as a lifestyle and I use the content I mindfully create as a tool to inspire people to have the self confidence to build character and pursue their bodily goals. I strongly believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind and a healthy mind brings happiness.

N: We all know you as the Green Beret running through abandoned buildings and smashing heavy workouts; but what do you get up to when you’re not doing this?
E: Well, I serve in the Navy, so one of my sole responsibilities is to protect our shores against internal and foreign threats. Of course this means a lot of mental and physical training in between to stay functionally fit in order to perform my duties diligently.

N: What does a typical day look like for you?
E: My life revolves around fitness, so I start my weekdays with a morning jog. I don’t really like office work since I’m a handy person, so you will usually find me busy with tasks outside of the office environment; I’m always looking forward to ending the day at the gym with a solid evening session.

N: What was your goal when you started working on your physique?
E: I was a very skinny guy and so I wanted body mass real bad. I would stare at myself in the mirror for hours visualizing myself as a bodybuilder. I was inspired by the greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman, but I wanted to be able to move quickly; that’s why I decided to concentrate on functional training over the traditional physique style of fitness, which consists of exercises focusing on strength, endurance and speed.

N: What motivates you to keep going hard?
E: From a young age fitness has always been a key focus in my life, and growing up in rural areas with limited resources made me realize in order to achieve my bodily goals or any sort of recognition, I was going to have to work ten times harder than he who stands next to me in order to achieve anything. I am inspired on a daily basis, seeing people every day giving their best and making positive change motivates me to give it my best in everything I do, whether it is beating my previous run time or even sweeping the floor.

N: What workout tips would you give fans who aspire to look and perform like you?
E: That’s an interesting one, I would say for anyone to look their best they have to customize their fitness to fit their lifestyle. What I found out along the way is that most people dream outside of themselves when it comes to achieving their goals. For example, if someone doesn’t have access to the gym the dream dies, but it shouldn’t; what about incorporating bodyweight exercises? My point is fitness is very complex, you can achieve you fulfilment through running, cycling, swimming, body weight training, CrossFit, and so the list goes on. Your fitness journey is what you make it.

N: How would you describe your NUKE® ORIGINAL pre-workout experience?
E: NUKE® is the bomb! I mean literally. When I took it for the first time while we were shooting the video my energy levels elevated beyond the normal experience; I mean the tingles, vascularity and the pump was on max! I was fully in the zone giving my all in the gym session and getting the best out of it, this is when I realised NUKE® ORIGINAL is the game changer!

N: Thanks for your time brother. One last request, if you had to design a workout based on your experience with NUKE® ORIGINAL, what would it be?
E: Thanks guys! A workout? I would definitely go with a workout that I’m familiar with, which includes strength, endurance and speed. In CrossFit the workout “Murph” honors U.S. Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005 while relaying the position of his unit, under heavy fire. This act that would serve as his ultimate sacrifice and lead to the recovery of the bodies of the three SEALS who were killed in the battle and the rescue of the only serving member of his team. So try this out on to honor those fallen.

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Body Weight Squats
1 Mile Run
*Optional: add a 20lb Weight Vest or Body Armor


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