In a world where fashion and clothing are a marker of social status, many of us use our clothing as markers of identity.

It’s all too easy to be judged based on the threads that you decide to wear on any given day. We all know and accept this truth as the norm on a daily basis. The attitude will either be that of an “I don’t give a hoot” or “if I don’t dress to impress, then who am I”.

Bearing this in mind, what drives your dress code? Is it to impress others or just to ensure that you’re not showing more skin than you should? Personally, we think that you should dress in something that elevates your confidence but that also allows you to run into a burning building if a puppy needs saving.

A functional, confidence-instilling garment is what the urban trendsetter needs to sit at the top of their game. All else is vanity.

NUTRITECH’s upcoming garments are designed to instil confidence in the wearer and provide the necessary functionality needed for intense, ass busting workouts all while keeping it fashionable to wear in non-fitness environments.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit with NUTRITECH’s Creative Director, Mike Walton who is responsible for all the creative and design aspects of the company, and Robyn Furstenburg who heads all apparel manufacturing, to discuss the future of the company’s garment and apparel collection.


On the local scene, NUTRITECH aims to completely redevelop the wheel; a bold statement to be made — a statement well within the capabilities and reach of a continually growing company.

The design of the upcoming looks has been in collaboration with the athletes to find what is most optimal in the performance department. It’s all good and well to have a favourite t-shirt to train in, but that doesn’t mean that you look good in it. And honestly, it’s not about looking good, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that you can look good and train like a beast at the same time.

As mentioned above, we kept in touch with our athletes to discover what their ideal incarnation of fitness apparel would be; this includes the overall design, fit, and type of fabric used.

Inspiration has been drawn from a militaristic style which is our way of letting the wearer feel like a warrior when they flaunt that bold NUKE logo on their chest.

The end product is a garment that accentuates the physique by creating a silhouette capable of turning heads. Having made some strategically sound design choices, the new garment selection will be the culmination of months of planning, consulting, and testing.


In the past, the emphasis placed on female wear wasn’t as concentrated as it could have been. That’s about to change.

In the coming months, there will be some exciting ladies gym gear being added to our collection. Among these are sports bras and functional tights. It’s a hassle sticking your phone into areas not meant for phones while you’re training. To accommodate all our female trainers, the tights will incorporate hidden pockets designed specifically for your smartphone.

Expanding on the gym gear, there will a new duffel bag made from high-quality canvas, tough enough to withstand tank tracks performing burnouts. Furthermore, we will be releasing gymnastic grips and full-finger gloves for all the CrossFit and functional athletes, adjustable wrist wraps, dual lifting straps, and a lightweight kidney belt designed with speed and strength in mind.

The future of NUTRITECH’s apparel and gym gear line-up are exciting and go to show just how far we’ve come and how far we’re going to take our passion and love for all things fitness.

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