Responsible manufacturing processes and final product declaration

This declaration serves as a notice to inform all customers of the quality standards in effect and adhered to at the NUTRITECH® manufacturing facility; and with the purchase of every NUTRITECH® manufactured product.

NUTRITECH® is registered and licensed under the following regulating bodies:
• ISO 22000 certified manufacturing facility
• FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing facility
• FDA registered manufacturing facility
• NUTRITECH® is also an upstanding member of the Health Product Association (HPA)

The above regulatory bodies issue licenses based on the quality systems implemented within a manufacturing facility. The NUTRITECH® manufacturing facility’s quality systems are based on the highest GMP and ethical standards. Without these standards we would not be able to deliver the quality product the NUTRITECH® customer has been accustomed to, or as stated on our labels.


The NUTRITECH® manufacturing facility is wholly owned by NUTRITECH®, thus providing us with the opportunity to be in complete control of the entire manufacturing process, including all the critical stages.

Critical stages include:
• Researching, sourcing and ordering of premium quality raw materials directly from reputable and reliable raw material manufacturers and suppliers.
• Responsible receiving of raw material, by acceptance only with relevant supplier certificates of analysis (CoA) documentation.
• Sustainable and responsible storage of raw material and final product in a controlled environment in designated areas.
• Issuing out and issuing back into stock raw materials, components, containers and labels as per individual production batch manufactured from relevant and designated storage areas, in order to avoid cross-contamination.
• Quality Control surveillance checks to provide adequate independent checks to ensure all production processes complies with required regulations.

All the above steps are guided by HACCP support programs, recorded and archived for future use if the need arises and for auditing purposes.


NUTRITECH® products are designed with the utmost transparency with athletes in mind, free of banned substances found on the latest, up-to-date WADA list of banned substances; further more, products are tested by third party SANAS Accredited Laboratories to verify label claims and these tests, published to the NUTRITECHFIT.COM website for public viewing.

With this in mind, NUTRITECH® can comfortably declare, without any reasonable doubt, that all NUTRITECH® products are free from any substance listed on the WADA list of banned substances.

To further improve and assure that NUTRITECH® have continues quality improvement a Responsible Pharmacist/Quality Assurance Manager was appointed on a fulltime basis.

Yours in pharmacology,

MJ Kotzé
Responsible Pharmacist & Quality Assurance Manager