If you have been looking at creatine and wondering what this highly rated, performance product is and what it does, then this article is for you!


The first question that one asks, well, what is creatine? A protein? An amino acid? The answer is no, creatine is a compound of own. This compound is derived from the skeletal muscle fibers from animal products like beef, salmon, and pork.


The second question the majority of people ask is, what does creatine do and why do people take it? Creatine is used in sports that generally require that ‘ONE MORE REP’ explosive power. Creatine is used to generate strength in high-intensity workouts to provide the power for YOUR one more rep.

In saying this, to determine the strength ultimately built, will all depend on the type of training you are doing and whether your training is adding to your gains, or depleting them. Typically, in men, your fitness builders, body builders, crossfitters, rugby players, OCR trainers, calisthenics and gym goers will be the biggest fans of creatine as this adds to the ‘energy’ of their muscles to enhance their strength and improve their over-the-edge performance level.

In women, the use of creatine is in the same nature as when men use creatine. Women doing high-intensity sports that are looking for the perfect product to enhance their strength and to pack the force into their ‘ONE MORE REP’. Ladies, do not be worried that creatine will bulk you up, it will not. Creatine will give you strength to train harder and ultimately the endurance to train longer. #BootyGains

It’s all about explosive strength!



NUTRITECH™ offer three killer creatine variations. All three variations offer their own pros which will determine which one is best for a type of athlete or average training person. First, we have CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, the mother of all creatines that is used commonly amongst men and women that are in a form of a powder that can be mixed with water, juice, your protein shakes or your morning smoothies. Creatine monohydrate is cycled with a loading and maintence phase and an on/off period for optimum use.

Then we have CREATINE HCL, this rapid absorbing creatine comes in a capsule form that is a salt form of creatine with no water retention side effects and zero cycling nor loading phases. You can use this baby all year round with no off periods, creatine HCL allows for micro-dosing, a new radical way of taking creatine, which means you only need to take it once a day versus three times!

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Last, but certainly not least, in fact with the MOST, we have… CREATECH™ LOADED, the meanest anabolic muscle growth product yet. This one is for the hard gainers, the #CREATHREBELS, the rebels against the anti-gains! The CREATECH™ LOADED formula is engineered with a 45gram fast multi-stage release 4-source carbohydrate blend, including patented Cluster Dextrin®, to spike insulin levels, maximise creatine transport, absorption and reload glycogen stores. Designed to promote rapid increases in size, strength, power and when taken as directed, the CREATECH™ LOADED formula delivers a dual creatine support, with 5grams of Creatine HCL and Monohydrate on a 1:1 ratio, 5 g of BCAAs on a 3:1:1 ratio and 3 g of L-Glutamine.